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10-11-2011, 08:19 PM
Police State Update: Minority Report and Pre-Crime Has Arrived in America (http://johngaltfla.com/wordpress/2011/10/11/police-state-update-minority-report-and-pre-crime-has-arrived-in-america/)

By John Galt
October 11, 2011 – 21:30 ET

While there are numerous websites which track the collapse of our society into a police state nightmare, I view the news in total as a perspective from the Constitutional point of view plus the risks of future abuse by less than honorable public servants. The news tonight however is disturbing in ways which coincide with a planned or prospective crash of our economic and political system resulting in social chaos.

The first story is direct from the government section of Information Week tonight:

Homeland Security Tests Crime Prediction Tech

Thus the picture from the movie Minority Report, a haunting view into America’s future and a new, more intrusive police state designed to reign in and control the citizens at levels never imagined by any of our founders. From the article by Elizabeth Montalbano (excerpted):

The Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) mobile module project aims to develop technologies that can screen people for certain behavioral attributes associated with committing violent acts or other crimes, to give security officials a faster way to assess potential threats.

The DHS claims it has no future plans to deploy this project yet here we are again, expected to believe that an idea hatched by DARPA has not already been tested on an unwitting public. Perhaps if the reader believes otherwise, I advise a Google search of “Information Awareness Office” and other projects designed to monitor individual’s behavior on the internet. The article in fact highlights a similar project from DARPA:

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, for example, is developing technology through its Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales (ADAMS) program that can sift through the behavioral signs that may lead to someone turning on his or her colleagues, and prevent the action before it happens. The project is aimed at early detection of insider threats.

To think that this is a coincidence as our economy is barely holding on by a thread, protesters swamping our financial centers, and the risks of a total systemic collapse and now suddenly “new” technologies appearing at the “testing phase” is naive. This is by design, started under the Bush administration, and accelerated under the Obama regime.

In another “coincidental” news release from last Friday via Nextgov:

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

Welcome to the future boys and girls.

Don’t think dirty thoughts, don’t get a weird twitch in your eye, and be careful about what you read, watch, listen to, or write or you might find a Bradley APC in your front yard with ten stormtroopers armed to the teeth shooting your dog and getting off tasering your wife and children.

Minority Report meets AmeriKa in 2011.